Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So where are you from?

So where are you from?
My Dad is white and some people think that I’m adopted when I am with him. This bothers me so much, why can’t people accept that families can have different skin colors? Though light skinned on the outside my father is so much more than you could ever believe. He was born I Japan, because my grandfather was in the air force. When he was very young his family moved to the Philippines. He spent a large part of his childhood there. He spent his teen years in New Hampshire and upstate New York until he went to McGill University. He is on quarter Irish; now when ever somebody asks me my ethnicity is say “I’m Irish”.

My Mom has an equally long story. She was born in Uganda Africa and lived there until she was 9 when she and her family was forced to leave by Idi Amin; who gave them 90 days to leave the Country them and everybody who was not black African. They were not preempted to take money or more than just two suite cases each. She then moved to Canada as a refugee. When she graduated high school she went to McGill University.
My Moms blood is from Goa a part of India that is influenced by the Portuguese so my Mom grew up Catholic and her last name is Rodrigues. I don’t identify as Indian. It seams that not many people recognize that I am half white. Sometimes when people are raciest towards Mexicans I just say “I’m Mexican” and they stop nobody can really prove that I am not because I have my Mom’s last name to back me up.

I think that if we could just not care about race the world would be a more peaceful place.