Friday, February 11, 2011

Panama day 24 the last day

The last day! SAD!

Not wanting to leave the heat. Knowing that as uncomfortable as the warm weather can be I would choose it over 2 feet of snow. For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant. "What difference is it from the food you can get in Panama?" You might ask. The truth is that it is a very big difference in terms of the spice, flavor, more veggies, and all together less oil.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Panama day 23 part 2

Panama day 23 part 2

After lunch we went to a zoo. In the parking lot there was a cola tree! It was amazing and smelled like perfume. Because of recent water contamination we had to buy our drinking water from a store a few blocks from our hotel. Holding huge water jugs it seemed like a much longer walk.

Panama day 23

Panama day 23 Jan 27 2011

We went to the Panama canal. Being in Panama city it would be pointless not to go. So after breakfast that is what we did. I found it to be interesting but not "pretty" like the locals said it would be.
We paid for the package so that we could watch the movie on how the canal was built. Good thing that I did some research on how the canal built so that I knew it was just a way to get people to pay without acquiring a bit of knowledge.

Next we went for lunch at a jungle resort. The food was amazing.

Panama day 22

Panama day 22 Jan 26 2011

Left Las Lajas and went to Panama City. Oh joy. More time in the car. On the bright side, on our way we stopped at a very yummy Chinese restaurant! In the evening we arrived in Panama City. It struck me as if it was trying to cover up its very different culture by trying to be like every other city in America. But it did not seem to be working. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant. Oh how I love salad!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Panama day 21

Panama day 21 Jan 25 2011

Got up this morning and walked up the beach barefoot to a restaurant for breakfast. The long menu consisted of eggs or eggs with a side of french fries or patacones (deep fried bananas). After breakfast I didn't feel so good. I was starting to get annoyed with how oily the food is in Panama, not to mention the lack of vegetable. Plus, I was also really craving fruit. When we got back to the resort I ordered a fruit bowl and charged it to our room. Then I read in a hammock for a long time. Of course I swam for a long time that day just like I would on any other 90 degree day in January.

Panama day20

Panama day 20 Jan 24 2011

Oh, joy. More time in the car! We drove to Las Lahas beach. We went for a swim on the ten mile stretch of yellow sand gorgeousness! There was hardly anyone else around. I assumed that we would have some more chill time in the hammocks by the sea but it was almost dinner time and my dad thought it would be a good idea to get in the car and dive some more in order to find a place to eat. We found a little place with a straw roof. The food was amazing! I had fresh shrimp done in a seasoned tomato sauce and the requisite chilled coca cola. The coke comes in old fashioned glass bottles and unlike in the US it's made with cane sugar.

p.s. swimming can last a very long time when the water is as warm as the air.