Friday, January 7, 2011

In Panama

Day 1 Jan 5 2011

On the plane to Atlanta from Boston Ronnie dropped a pretzel on my foot. I tried to give it back but she let me have it. What a nice sister!
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Day 2 jan 6 2011

We stayed in a very nice hotel for just 60 $! They picked us at the airport and gave us a free ride to our hotel. on the way MomÅ› seat collapsed and she spent the rest of the ride sitting with me.
In the morning we had a very lovely complmentery breakfast. (free) Then we went for a swim on the roof pool. As we swam we had an amazing view of the city as well as the ocean.

Then it was off to the mountains! Our bus station was next to a mall. I was so excited to look around but if you know my mother you know how my dream ended.
The bus ride was not a fun 3 hours! People kept coming in even though the bus was full. One guy almost sat on top of me! When we arrived we checked in to our hotel. The town is called El Valle, and it used to be a volcano that erupted and the top of the volcano came off that made a crater that became a lake that dried up and became a town. El Valle is filled with people and stray dogs and delicious restaurants that you eat at for under 4 dollars a person!