Saturday, January 8, 2011

Panama part 2

Day 3 Jan 8 2011

I am so amazed by how much things cost or how little. Here is a list of things that you can buy for under $5.

  • Go to the hot springs and get a facial. $2
  • Go on a hike to a waterfall and swim in a natural pool. $2
  • Eat out for dinner $3 per person.
  • chips 40 cents
  • crackets 40 cents (crackets are like little Ritz crackers filled with cheese)
  • A bag of home made cookies $1
A three hour bus ride $3

So you get the idea...

Outside of our hotel are parrots and toucans. The parrots can say hola, whistle and scream. We went to a little zoo. This zoo is the only place in the world that
has the golden frogs. Then we went to a waterfall and hiked for some time then went for a swim in a natural pool in the jungle. After that we went to the hot springs and got covered in mud. It was fun until the locals started taking pictures of us.


  1. Isn't that bizarre? We came back to the US after living in the Caribbean and were like "whoa, seriously, $5 for bread?" Have fun with that spa. ;)

    Do the parrots have an English accent? Because I swear, all the "hola"-ing parrots sounded English to me.

  2. Alas. That would have been fun.
    Olivia needs pictures upon your return.