Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The amazing country of Panama, located next to Costa Rica is a truly amazing place with white sand beaches, tall Moutons, the canal that all of us have heard of, not to mention the amazing food! So guess where I’m going to be in just 24 hours! I am going to try to write on my blog when I am in panama. For the first Week of the one Month trip I will be in a town close to the Mounts going to a Spanish School in the morning and working with teen girls from a local orphanage in the after noon. I am really looking forward to my trip and hope to make a difference in somebody’s life before I hit the beach.
Bye for now.


  1. I miss you already, love you! update me soon on where you go o.k.?

  2. That is so great! I'm so happy for you; it sounds like a really great opportunity! What is the program called?
    Have a great time!!


  3. Hi Samantha! I can't wait for more updates. It sounds as if you will have an awesome month. Is the whole family with you? What Spanish language school are you attending? Have fun!

  4. I am going to Habla YA and yes I am having fun.
    ¿How much snow in maine?