Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pamana day 12

Panama day 12 Jan 16, 2011

We sadly left the Garcia family then got in the car that Dad had rented and drove to Las Laja beach. On the way we stopped ate hot springs. They were very unlike the hot springs in El Vally they were more hot and more in nature we even saw a monkey! When we had sraem comming off our bodys we rinsed off at a near by river. Then we got back in the car and drove for the rest of the day. looked at different accomodations and decided on cute a little A frame cottage right on the beach. even though it was night time you could tell just how gorgeous the miles of white sand beach surrounded with tall coconut trees would be in the sun light. I had started to feel sick with a cold and was hoping that it would go away. That night was not a fun night! The mattresses were not very thick so as a result not much sleep was mine to claimed.

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