Saturday, January 15, 2011

Panama day 10-11

Panama day 10 and 11 Jan 14-15 2011

As soon as I arrived at Trisker I saw about 15 little ones crying at the gate. One was screaming for his mommy. I found out that some of the kids had gone to the flower fair in Boquete. When I pulled open the gate and the kids saw the present that I had brought with me they were delighted. Several kids were pulling on each item. Some little boys thought that the bag of balls was a piƱata and insisted on hanging it on a tree and hitting it with a large stick until the bag ripped and the balls came pouring out. The taxi that should have come to pick me up was late; so late that I just waved one down. The next day when I arrived at Habla Ya I did not need to stay long before my dad came looking much like a tourist. It was as if our family had some idea that as soon as dad came we would stop trying to fit in. But yes I was happy to see him.


  1. Sammy
    It sounds like fun but its also a little sad see you when you get back.
    When you get back can we go skating? My emails

  2. Aww, you're so mean to your dad... My whole FAMILY never fit in, we're too blonde and brunette and non-Latino. Alas.
    Shoot me an email when you get back, chica, the snow is ripe for skiing here in the land of frigidness.

  3. haha... snow is so hard to think about now at night hot in a T.