Friday, January 21, 2011

Panama day 14

Panama day 14 Jan 18 2011

Before we started on our way to Bocas del Toro we went for a swim. Surprise, surprise! When we were almost at the boat landing we had to drive through a very poor and not so nice town, called Almirante. Everyone was waving at us. My Dad asked a guy for directions to the safe parking lot where needed to park.-The guy was riding a bike and wearing an orange vest. He followed our car to the parking lot at a very fast speed. When we reached the parking lot he waved down a taxi truck. I noticed that he put his bike in the back with our luggage before we piled in. About half way through our ride I heard a thump over my head on the roof. When we got out of the taxi I saw that the guy with the bike was there. I realized that he had been on the roof! After a speeding, over packed boat ride we reached Bocas town and checked in to our hotel.

Bocas is on the Atlantic Ocean or should I say the Carribbean . Earlier that day I was swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

I was not feeling so good so I stayed in the room as the rest of the family went for dinner. They brought me back an amazing seafood soup with clams, squid, conch, fish, scallops, shrimp and lots of other stuff that I couldnt tell what it was.

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