Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Panama day 18

Panama day 18 Jan 2011

We went back to Bocas town, but not to stay, just to get on an other boat to go to Red Frog beach on Isla Bastimentos.

At the dock we saw the sailing ship that the German students who went to our Spanish school were travelling on.

When we got to Red Frog beach we saw some little kids who had found some red frogs and kept them in leaves, squeezing them. So yeah, I guess we saw some red frogs. We wanted to set up a place to sun tan and put our stuff but the beach chairs were $5 to rent, so we just but our stuff on the sand under some trees. We swam and the waves came in strange short bursts of power.

At lunch time we walked through the jungle to a restaurant. On the way Dad thought he saw a sloth. I told him that it was just a giant leaf but he and mom would not rest until they knew for certain, so we took a picture with mom´s camera and zoomed in. I was right! hahahaha!

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